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experts in Transylvania

It is simply the most spectacular way to discover Transylvania.

Top 3 attributes sought by our travelers in Transylvania Live's tours:
1. An authentic experience
2. A unique sense of place
3. A feeling of exploration

Tour leaders: Transylvania Live comes with experienced and attentive English, German, French, Hungarian or Ivrit - speaking guides and visits to major tourist destinations throughout Transylvania, Romania and Eastern Hungary.

Our tours: are guaranteed to depart on the dates given, as we do not insist on a minimum number of bookings before departure.
Most of our holidays depart from Budapest to help considerably reduce flight costs . Fortunately, these flights are usually direct so that any time-consuming flight changes are avoided. From 2007 we will start publishing tours with Bucharest departures due to the fact that Delta Airlines will launch a direct flight from New York to Bucharest starting with 2007.

Quality & Features
: Cultural tours, festival tours and the special for couples holidays are conceived for small groups (maximum 26). Optional activities are available at a small extra cost but not included because we believe that it will not appeal to everyone.

Launched in 1995 Transylvania Live is always searching for better values and continuously optimizing existing services. Professional staffs are not only ready to answer current needs, but can also anticipate future requirements in the constantly changing marketplace.

Affiliations: Transylvania Live is member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), The National Association of Tourism Agencies in Romania (ANAT), co-initiator of the Tourism Information Centre in Turda, sponsor of belles-lettres national magazine Echinox and student’s theatre festival Alterego as well as sustainer of Transylvania Riders motor club.

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